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Flight Info

Bali Denpasar Airport, (airport code DPS) www.baliblog.com/travel-tips/bali-travel/denpasar-airport.html) a driver will take you to Ubud (50 minutes from airport).  Before leaving the airport:  We suggest changing about only about $50 USD.  This is enough to get you to Ubud by taxi - which are plentiful right outside of the airport doors.  You should only pay about $25 US, or 300,000 rupiah.  Anymore than that isn't appropriate.  Careful of taxi drivers trying to charge you more.  Pre-negiotiate before you get in the taxi. We don't know of a bus option from the airport to Ubud - though there is a bus you can take from Ubud to the airport for 50,000 rupiah - about $5 US.

NOTE: If you are staying in one of our accommodations, a driver will be pre-arranged for you, holding a name card with your name. Please have 300,000 rupiah for the driver.


Prices range from $1,100-1,500 from the US and Europe. We recommend getting cozy with your computer and spend a little investigative time to find the best fare. We suggest first checking out kayak.com for a base to compare from - travelzoo.com in the US is good too, as is skyscanner.com in Europe. Flying from the U.S., it's generally less expensive to travel from San Francisco or LA. From Europe, you may also find less expensive flights from London and Paris on Airasia. As an alternative to buying one ticket to Denpasar (Bali), its often less expensive to book a flight from one of the above cities direct to Jakarta (Indonesia) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - or to Singapore. From there you can find a local flight to Denpasar (DPS) on the inexpensive Airasia, Lion Air, and other local carriers.

Be sure you have a return ticket, or can show a ticket onward from Bali or or get it printed ATM receipt that shows you have $500 in your account. The airlines typically won't allow you to board with just a one way ticket (even if it is round trip coming from Bali)...they may tell you Bali won't let you in, not true, they won't let you out!

Arrival Recommendations

We recommend booking your arriving flight by at least 12pm one day prior to your retreat. Orientation begins at 4pm, we highly recommend attending orientation, which is intended to help us get acquainted, be prepared, and get ready to start your training.

Departure Recommendations

We recommend booking your departing flight for at least the day after your retreat ends. This allows for more integration and processing time. Or better yet - continue your detox after the retreat. We can continue to provide you with juice and food!

Getting Around Bali

Most everyone gets around on Bali by motor bike - they are inexpensive to rent... about $5 per day usually. Otherwise, bike and car taxi's and car rentals are abundant and inexpensive.


If you are planning to stay no more than 30 days, you can simply walk up to the immigration booth upon arrival and they will stamp your passport after asking you a couple questions, there is no fee.  You will not be able to extend it to stay longer in Indonesia.

If you are planning to stay more than 30 days, you will get directed (please ask) to a different booth where you will pay a fee of $35 USD. You can extend it once more for a total of 60 days.


Be sure you have 6 months before expiration on your passport or Indonesia won't let you in - your airline typically won't even let you board from your origin! And if you're coming from Australia, be sure to have: 1. a return ticket, 2. or a ticket leaving to another country, 3. or at least $500 in your bank account - bring a current ATM receipt for proof.

Spa Treatments

Massage, sauna, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, etc are inexpensive in Bali, we recommend allowing a budget for them (about $10 each). Colonics are also offered for about $60 per session. We highly recommend all of these treatments, especially during the detox program. Therapist are also available to come to your place.


You'll have loads of beautiful simple to gourmet yummy food to eat during the retreat - so no need to bring anything unless there's something extra you enjoy.


It's quite warm, about 90 degrees F/32 C year round. Be prepared for rain, it usually rains for an hour - give or take, most days in the rainy season (late November - 1st of April).


Summer clothes are recommended with a light jacket for the evening. Flip flops and good shoes for walking are also suggested.


It's recommended to travel as light as possible with a big enough suitcase to bring things bag with. There are loads of beautiful things to buy.


We recommend traveling with your ATM card and withdrawing cash as you go - in Bali, it cost about $5 for every $300 you withdrawal (maximum withdrawal amount at one time is $300 - be sure to find ATM's that allow for this maximum amount).  Otherwise if you prefer to travel with cash, we recommend traveling with big bills - in U.S. or Australian dollars - or euros, for exchanging in rupiah. 1 U.S. dollar usually equals about 10,000 rupiah, and one euro about 13,000. Be sure to bring bills printed 2006 and up - its typically not possible to exchange bills 2005 and below.

Local People & Safety

The local people are very friendly and helpful... and Bali is considered quite safe.


We recommend coming at least 4 days in advance to recover from jet lag (coming from Europe and US) and acclimate to the tropics. We also suggest staying as long as you can - you probably won't want to leave!