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Mastery Tools: Intention No. 8, Dreamtime No. 9 & Conscious Listening No. 10Module 4, Part 2, Lesson 2

Intention No. 8 & Dreamtime No. 9

Conscious listening No. 10


Amy's Advice

  • Listen to these MP3's to set your direction and be supported in your dreams
  • Find written versions in PR 103 Transformation Manual:
    • Intention, No. 8 p. 149
    • Dreamtime, No. 9 p. 150
    • Conscious listening No. 10 p. 151
  • No. 8 - Intention: Intention determines direction. What do you really want in all areas of your life? From your true heart's desire (letting go of "how", doubt, or over thinking), listen to what your heart is truly calling for, and write your positive (can do!) intention. For example, "I am singing to many people with utter joy and excitement while experiencing the joy, love, and support it gives my audience. I am SO fulfilled and thankful to sing for people." Be sure to use positive language, giving up control on logistics. Trust your intentions! Write them for each area of your life
  • No. 9 – Dreamtime: In our subconscious mind we have access to what our conscious mind doesn't necessarily see. Use your dreamtime tool to access your deeper wisdom. Be consistent, night after night with this tool to become aware of insights, clues, and messages to your questions, and greater needs. Ask your dreamtime teacher nightly the same question until you have the answer, then move to the next.
    No. 10 – Conscious listening: This tool helps you to increase your sensitivity, perceptibility, and therefore ability to listen beyond words. Listen with every part of yourself as you practice this tool - in a neutral state of equanimity, maintaining BOS (tool #1). Listen to receive. Allow life to give to you by being fully present, and listening consciously.