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Holistic Nutrition & Detox Trainer

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Must Read


Sunfood Diet Success System
– David Wolfe


Living Foods for Optimum Health
Brian R. Clement


Hooked on Raw


Mucusless Diet Healing System
Arnold Ehret

Fasting and Cleansing


Dining from an Empty Bowl
Jeremy Safron


Rational Fasting
– Arnold Ehret


Golden Path To Rejuvenation
– Morris Krok

Recipes/Food Prep


RAW: The UnCook Book


Hooked on Raw


The Raw Gourmet
– Nomi Shannon


The Raw Truth
– Jeremy Safron and Renee Underkoffler

Other Core Books


Enzyme Nutrition
– Edward Howell


A Way Out
– Matthew Grace


Eco Eating
– Sapoty Brook


Raw Family
– The Boutenko Family


Survival into the 21st Century
– Viktoras Kulvinskas


The Wheatgrass Book
– Ann Wigmore


Sprouts: The Miracle Food
– Steve Meyerowitz


Intuitive Eating
– Humbart Santillo


Conscious Eating
– Gabriel Cousens


The Raw Life
– Paul Nison (ONLY for the interviews)


Beyond Probiotics
– Ann Louise Gittleman


Colon Health
– Norman Walker


Diet for a New America
– John Robbins