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Hello Dear Hearts,
Are you seeking solutions to unasked questions inside of you? What are those questions, and what needs answering?  Are you looking for deeper insights into who you are, your life direction, and what you may not share – though long to?   Join us Sunday for Ask Dr. Amy – and bring those questions, while giving them a voice. Share, be read, or just witness.  And most important – be supported – just by being present.
Many of you have worked with me privately over the years with my Intuitive Naturopathic Sessions. This is similar, though in a group.  It’s tarot – without the cards.  Each person who speaks (usually there are 3-4 people in the hour we are together), acts as a “card” –  or voice for the group.  Weaving the wisdom and insights each person reveals, a bigger picture is formed that offers deep and impactful messages for each person in the group.  My job is to listen deeply, and “read” each participant – offering messages – specific to your personal needs.
Last week we started with the screaming child who represented the need to break free and be heard. The next “card” revealed the chariot, and we learned how to get traction where we feel trapped in the small self.  We closed with the insights of the third person who showed us the need to see we always have options, though how we lose them when stuck in our head, disassociated from feeling.  Merging head to heart, we reclaimed our power to make choices, letting go of thinking thinking, and opened up to the power of feeling.  We closed full circle with the playful child emerging as our last card, reminding us to reclaim our innocence, be free, and simply be here – reminding us there are no problems in the present moment.
What will it be this Sunday?  That depends on you.   Be a part of the constellation, speak if you feel drawn, or just witness and be supported as I weave the messages from each “card” into the group – to you personally.
Join us for another powerful, emotionally impactful, and soul moving session, Sunday.  Register below.
Love, Dr. Amy
“Very grateful for the reading, thank you again ❤ ooo I really just LOVE this work!” 😀
Alina, Amsterdam

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