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6 Steps to Myself

Teacher Training

6 Weeks, July 15th – August 19th

Build a following for your work by becoming a 6 Steps teacher.

Outreach to potential students creating joy, connection, and the opportunity to share your message. Offer classes and programs to your current clientele to build community. Augment your income.


  • The 6 Steps sequence – as a student, and a teacher
  • How to facilitate the 6 Steps program
  • Facilitation skills for supporting students in the process of transformation
  • Strengthen your confidence, overcome nervousness
  • Hands-on learning with student lead classes and private sessions
  • Technical aspects of running a class and program
  • Where and how to present a class and program
  • Developing a coaching clientele for private sessions
  • Intro business & marketing skills
  • How to make it profitable
  • Student tracking system & student relations
  • Online, 2 hour class weekly

I'm so excited to be a 6 Steps Teacher! It's helping me to build my following, doing what I love.

Trina, San Diego, CA

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The 6 Steps Program and Teacher Training are included FREE in our year long Holistic Nutrition & Detox Training

6 Steps Practices, Free Webinar

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