“I have learned a completely different approach to raw food lifestyle, proper food combining, listening to my body, the deep understanding of chemistry and anatomy were essential for me. Also, the training opened my eyes to a huge variety of new food and a way I can prepare it” Natalya S

July'14 Retreat

July'14 Retreat - Natalya Sobolevskaya

I definitely got more than I bargained for from this experience, Amy’s innate ability to couple the factual aspects of detox with the emotional side makes for a well-rounded course. Her honesty and transparency make the process relate-able and less daunting. I truly appreciate her knowledge, but most of all I love her insight. I can feel completely confident in saying that this course has changed the way I will live my life." Rita D

"I joined the program to learn about detox in a proper way and yes of course this was met…but what I faced and experienced were beyond the above. I experienced more by knowing more about myself. Amy is a natural healer and such a depth of knowledge. And the healers which were recommended were really great and beneficial for me."Janti W

“The raw food retreat with Amy was really amazing! I was used to many different raw food courses but I'd never had one like this! I’ve learnt the healthy role of raw food, the proper food combinations, and many tips for healthy eating! All was perfect, the recipes, the teachers, the agenda and Amy’s knowledge. Lots of love, light and inspiration! I highly recommend to all persons who loves life and wish to be healthy & happy!" Laura B

July'14 Retreat - Laura Bailone

July'14 Retreat - Laura B

"I came to this course to ‘detox’ in 10 days and got so much more than that! I learnt to let go of my guards and to know it is ok to say no and have boundaries. I’ve learnt how connected emotion state and eating truly are, and this in how my body responds. Amy, Katelyn and the team are an unbelievable inspirational support and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for truly changing my life!"Saskia H

July'14 Retreat - Saskia Herbert

July'14 Retreat - Saskia H

“Amy’s experience and spirit has been just overwhelming! Her life experience has been so amazingly inspiring for me because of her authenticity, love and wisdom. I have deeply transformed many of my old patterns in relationships with my partner, friends, and family. My relationships with myself as well.”Vivien J

July'14 Retreat - Vivien Ji

July'14 Retreat - Vivien Ji

"The work I did with you was very powerful. Life-changing. Many thanks for your intuitive wisdom."Karen

"Nutritionist Belinda Mann writes "I went on a one day detox & raw food retreat at Amy’s home in Ubud, Bali. We began the day sipping on green juice served in champagne glasses and mingling – all the other guests were eager to start making raw food diet part of their daily lifestyle. There were 10 of us in total, aged about 30-50, hailing from Europe, USA and Australia with a few locals from Bali. I felt comfy with Amy and her sunny way of teaching from the start."Belinda M

"Every year i think of you remembering the amazing life changing experience i had with you! i am forever grateful! it gave me tools to realign my life whenever i need to get back on track, in so many ways, it resonates over time and still gives and gives. it is alive! :)"Paige B

"Your path-finding abilities, mold-breaking intuition, and the source which you widen for those about, around, and passing through is a phenomenal gift that pour a sort of glowing oil about all those who are stuck."Carol Ann

"Thank you again for being such a powerful woman and healer and putting your energy and tools towards me to aid in my healing.  I am amazingly grateful!"Paige M

"I've lost about 10 pounds, and keeping it off this time! Thank you so much for all you do, your insight, your experience, support, etc."Kimberly

"Being around you and in a raw food environment for those two days has already impacted me a lot. In a good way! I'm much more focused on making food choices that will make me feel good, instead of just fulfilling a short-term "need". And I feel focused in a very off-handed natural way, without an "I should"-approach. I very much like the way you integrate not only the food, but also the mind/body/emotion aspects."Mirjam

"Wonderful class again today!! I am always so inspired and motivated. I want to thank you so much for who you are. This was exactly what I needed at this time."Nadia

"You are an amazing goddess! Kiyo and I thank you for sharing your pure raw wisdom!  David `Avocado` is the god and you are the goddess of true healthy eating and living! We honor you!"Shivani & Kiyo

"The tools really work and when I have hit a space of doubt and become reactive, BOS (meditation tool #1) really saves the day. I have a new song playing in my head, changing the perspective of my daily life. I feel energized, full of self love and purpose. Thank you Amy for changing my life."FireStar

"Amy's dedication to her path and students is so deep. Her programs are developed out of self experience and are truly authentic. Amy's guidance and support have greatly changed my life, I have experienced so much growth with her help. I am forever grateful!"Kayla

"Amy's Transformation Program has unlocked the door to magic and sparkles... She is an amazing, strong, and beautiful leader that has shown me how to take responsibility of my health and state of mind and get what I truly want out of my life.  Big WOW! Thanks Amy for your continual support and direction! I feel like I'm living a celebrity lifestyle!"Heather

"Amy Rachelle's program has totally changed my life. Not only has my outer body changed, from losing weight to gorgeous glowing skin and sparkling eyes- but my whole inner terrain has totally metamorphasized. I have a completely different insight into my brain and into my habitual behavior which keeps me stuck in destructive patterns.  I have tools now to break free of everything that binds me and causes me unhappiness. Through this program, I have learned so much about health and healing with raw foods, plus gained intense spiritual practices- I feel like I have the secret to the universe.  Amy is a wise, informed, compassionate, and insightful teacher who is dedicated to finding the highest Self in each person, and getting you to become who you really are, in order to serve the world.  Amy's program is absolutely life-changing, I would call it a miracle!"Concetta

"It's interesting how much body and mind are connected and working together.  And when I'm purified, I feel so grateful.  I'm glad that I did Transformation!  Though still in progress, I feel I started living a new life.  Thank you so much!"Yumiko

"Thank you for continuing to be the light in my life I need in order to find the path I should be on.  You're an inspiration and a vision of hope and love.  I am really excited about the work I have to do and the tools to come!!!!    Today gave me a burst of energy to do and be the best of "me"... thanks to You!"Sara

"The practices and tools that I learned from the Transformation and Integration programs provided me with needed support and clarity while i was living through the circumstances of my mothers illness and eventual death.  I was able to maintain a degree of rationality and heartfulness in times that were emotionally, physically, and spiritually challenging.  I am grateful for the gift of this vital work in my life."Billy

"Working with Amy has been the most exciting, challenging and spiritually fulfilling work of my life. The learning is limitless and her guidance and support unwavering. I feel blessed to be part of this community. I cannot imagine life any other way."Shana

"Amy is one of the most committed health coaches - and loving goddess/guides to a compassionate life - on planet earth."Armand A.

"From following Amy's Transformation program thoroughly, I learned a new lifestyle, that has given me a glimpse of what it's like to live from the heart! and when i'm confused, tired, and lonely i have tools to lead me back to that place. it's taught me how to learn from life and take actions, instead of always reacting to my circumstances. i found my inner strength i've been searching for!"Shelly

"Transformation has truly been transformational for me and sparked directionless excitement. I can't contain myself."David

"I must tell you once again how grateful I am for the experience I had in Bali with you.  Amy, you literally changed my life."Michelle B

"I have had an aha moment with regards to the cravings after your suggestions.  I feel totally different about them now.  Thank you SO MUCH!"Margaret