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What participants experience

  • Heightened joy
  • Connection within
  • How to hear the messages of your body
  • Clarity, confidence, and courage
  • Freedom from fear and inhibitions
  • Connection with a like-minded community
  • An awakening of personal magic & inner medicine
  • Finding your voice
  • Tools for self-empowerment

Dr. Amy Rachelle, ND

Founder & facilitator,
New York City/USA & Bali

Abour Dr. Amy Rachelle

Dr. Amy traces physical symptoms, to their emotional roots held in the body. She "reads" you like a map, bringing understanding and healing where needed, offering insight, inspiration, and direction. People often ask Amy how she knows things about them that only they know, and how she does what she does! A deep gift for vision allows Amy to see a person from a unique perspective... inspiring new ways of being, thinking, and feeling.

This work is particularly helpful to help one find direction, experience understanding and resolve emotional/health issues, heal and build relationships - plus learn more about one's gifts, talents, and service to the world.

“I love this practice, and I’m benefiting from it so much!!!”

Angie, London

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