Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach

Holistic Nutrition & Detox Trainer

10 Day Raw Food Chef Certification, Detox & Teacher Training

Hosted by Yoga Barn, Bali

No Experience Necessary - All Levels Welcome

April 16


April 17 - 27

5 Day Raw Food Chef Training & 5 Day Detox (optional)

April 30 - May 4

5 Day Advanced Teacher Training

Join world renowned teachers & speakers for an amazing transformative experience

Transform Your Body & Mind

Experience Clarity, Energy, & Lasting Inspiration

Learn quick & delicious recipes for the pickiest of palettes

Connect with others who share your enthusiasm.

Know how to heal, physical to emotional.

Training Leaders

Dr. Amy Rachelle, NDFounder & facilitator, New York City/USA & Bali

As your main support guide, Dr. Amy will be present throughout the chef training, leading science class, meditation and sharing circles - while offering empowerment and support to the students throughout the event. She shares her highly affective and unique Pure Raw detox program, and teaches a medicinal approach to healing with whole and raw foods - body to soul, physical to emotional.

Iris ZajacRaw Food Chef

Iris is a raw food and plant-based chef, one of the lead instructors at Vegan Raw Food Academy, Matthew Kenney Culinary. She leads international workshops, retreats, catering events, and has recently launched her own line of raw foods.

Monday, April 16, 4-6 pm - Yoga BarnCourse Orientation

Once signed up, please join us for snacks, drinks and learn:

How to find us, how our place works, plus meet one another, Amy and our guest teachers. You'll also receive an introduction to the course, have the opportunity to schedule colonics, massage, and more. Please bring questions, and let us know if you need help with anything!  The orientation is intended to help us get acquainted, be prepared, and get ready to start.

April 17 - 27, 20185 Day Raw Food Chef Certification

Receive Pure Raw’s chef certificationBe recognized as a raw food chef


  • A raw food and detox approach to food as medicine
  • Easy to digest recipes - little nut use
  • Healthy sweeteners - low to zero glycemic
  • Proper food combining - why & how
  • Inflammatory free foods - no hybridized foods, soy, nama shoyu, corn, cashews, peanuts or MSG.
  • Why organic and local
  • Confidence building tools
  • How to sharpen your skill set
  • The foundation for good health - and how to help others
  • Tasty and innovative recipes
  • How to inspire others, make healthy food fun and supportive

Course Curriculum

Recipes, Theory & Speakers

  • Expand your recipe knowledge
  • Experience more variety & options in your daily diet
  • Learn how to prepare food for home everyday use and for special events
  • Create food for picky palettes, differing family needs, & more


  • Juices, smoothies, mylks
  • Breakfast & brunch
  • Soups, starters, & salads
  • Pate’s & cheeses
  • Condiments, & snacks
  • Crackers, wraps & bread
  • Entrees, simple to gourmet
  • Desserts/sweet things

5 Day DetoxScience to Spirit, Body to Soul

Taught by Dr. Amy Rachelle, ND

Heal Your Body For Life ~ Clean Within for Clarity ~ Gain Energy to Achieve Your Goals

Beginner to advanced – Physical to Emotional

  • Balance weight
  • Increase energy
  • Clear skin issues
  • Determine life direction
  • Go for your dreams
  • Be supported, emotionally & physically
  • Enjoy the sun, jungle, and water
  • Rest and repair in lush tropical nature

Suggested Diet/Cleanse

  • Day 1-2, blended raw soups
  • Day 3-4, juice
  • Day 5, blended raw soups

Tailored to your individual need:  only juice, all blended raw soups, or all raw (combinations plans also available)

Detox Program

  • Science of cleansing: how and why it works
  • Techniques for eliminating toxins (enemas, colonics, sauna, and more)
  • Healing sessions (additional fees apply)
  • Personalized process: tailor support for your personal needs – physical to emotional
  • Determining dreams & desires: what do you really want?
  • Emotional release & reconciliation: clearing the past
  • Planning & preparing: turning dreams into reality
  • Action steps: practically going for your dreams & maintaining your progress at home

Learn how to use detox as a tool for

  • Gaining energy
  • Eliminating bloating and "feeling flabby"
  • Digestive issues
  • Candida
  • Skin issues
  • Creating balance & emotional stability
  • Gaining clarity
  • Life direction support

April 30 - May 4, 20185 Day Advanced Teacher Training

Intern on retreat! Learn all roles of running a retreat, hands-on!

Our training helps you advance to the next level with practical interactive business advice and support.

Be empowered with knowledge from our team of experts for:

  • facilitation & teaching skills
  • leadership affectiveness
  • business & marketing support
  • running retreats and classes
  • gaining confidence to teach and for public speaking
  • starting your own business, or augmenting your current practice

Investment(quoted in USD)

$1,88510 Day Raw Food Chef Certification & Detox

$7955 Day Advanced Teacher Training

$2,400Both Courses Taken Together

Food included. Accommodation not included. Rooms are available at Yoga Barn Accommodation. Advanced booking required.

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