Live Trainings! 

Live Trainings! 

Looking for a raw food and detox mentor?  Like to attend a live training in tropical paradise and your area?

Learn hands-on how to make vegan and raw food, science to spirit.  Know when and how to detox.

Strengthen naturally, emotional to physical. Be a student, and optionally become a teacher.

Beginner to advanced, personal to professional, all welcome.

Get Started

Get Started

Be guided by an expert.

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Online Trainings

Amazing online courses available now!

Personal to professional. Self-growth to self employed. Become a Holistic Nutrition and Detox Coach, Facilitator and then Teacher.

Turn your passion into your profession. For each course bonus 10-day Bali retreat included. Take online in your own time from anywhere in the world. Group guidance included, personal guidance available.

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